Canada-Colombia trade pact begins as U.S. deals stall

Camp: Americans now ‘disadvantaged’

As several free-trade pacts negotiated under President George W. Bush continue to collect dust, other countries are moving ahead with their own trade deals, a scenario many say puts U.S. industries at a competitive disadvantage and risks American jobs.

Colombia and Canada began a major trade pact this week that allows Canada to export wheat, among other items, tariff-free. The deal took effect almost five years after the Bush administration signed its own free trade agreement with the South American country.

But the U.S. deal with Colombia, as well as similar trade pacts the Bush administration inked with Panama and South Korea in 2007, have yet to be ratified by Congress — stalled first by Democratic opposition regarding labor issues, and later as President Obama reworked the deals.

“Today’s entry into force of the trade agreement between Canada and Colombia Sigue leyendo

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