Farc threatens to shut down economy in southern Colombia

The Colombian Army and National Police in the south of the country have been put are on high alert after government intelligence discovered that FARC guerrillas are forcing farmers to go on strike, reported Radio Caracol Tuesday.

According to the radio station, farmers and traders in the department of Putumayo received pamphlets warning them that they should close their establishments in support of the shut-down of the local economy which is set to begin on Wednesday.

Given that the situation would alter public order including supply of food and transport the security forces have adopted some security precautions.

FARC threatens to shut down economy in southern Colombia

FARC threatens to shut down economy in southern Colombia – Colombia Reports

The information gathered so far by intelligence suggests that the strikes will include the municipalities Villa Garzon, Puero Asis and Orito with potential road blocks being established, as well as possible disruption to the river Putumayo and Caqueta.

Putumayo judicial authorities recently warned about the increasing violence in Putumayo caused by drug trafficking organization The “Rastrojos,” an ally of the FARC.
Source: Colombia Reports

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