Bourdain Declares Colombia ‘Vacation Wonderland


Tony Bourdain: a Colombia believer.
Photo: Wireimage

Tony Bourdain’s latest No Reservations blog entry is unusually sunny today — the last thing you’d expect, given that it deals with the outspoken cook’s trip to war-torn Colombia. Bourdain enjoyed himself but is suspiciously rheumy eyed in the retelling: “When you see a real change in the conditions and in the human hearts of a place where just a few short years ago, one neighbor couldn’t walk twenty yards over without risking death from another, where drug cartels recruited their murderous young foot soldiers by the hundreds, where even the police feared to tread. It makes one hopeful again — about the whole world.” Wait, what have you done with Tony Bourdain? Is his body still in Colombia somewhere? This doesn’t sound like the cynical figure we know and love. On the other hand, it does make us want to see the episode, which will air at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel on June July 14.
Colombia: Vacation Wonderland [Travel Channel]
Source: New York Post Grub Street

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