Medellin mad at Madonna’s son


Madonna’s son has left Medellin feeling hurt and under-appreciated after posting a photo of the city labeling it as the “cocaine center of Columbia,” which has not only rubbed people the wrong way because of the drugs reference, but also because he misspelled “Colombia.”

Rocco Ritchie took the photo at his mother’s hugely successful concert last November and posted it on the social networking site, Instagram. The 12-year-old has a private account so the offending photo is just starting to circulate.

Neither Rocco nor his pop-diva mom have made any public comments, but many in Medellin want an apology.

“It is outrageous that this is happening…and if that’s what he believes, his mother should say something. It is an insult to the city that has been so hospitable to her,” said city promoter Luis Guillermo Sossa.

Although some have brushed off the comments as just teenage naiveté, not everyone agrees.

“The thing that offends me most about this,” said one Medellin resident, “is that it is just one more phrase that invites tourists to get wasted on my homeland, there’s more here than sex and drugs.”

This seems to be the reoccurring theme among the infuriated inhabitants of Colombia’s second city.

“I know that Colombia is recognized abroad for the cultivation and trafficking of coca, but it is a sadness for the country to be subjected to these kinds of comments and opinions…I think it comes from people who know little of our country. Colombia is much more than coca,” said another resident.

sources: Colombia Reports, Terra.

Hijo de Madonna ofende a Medellín con una polémica foto

El hijo de Madonna se refirió a Medellín como el \"Centro de la cocaína\".Foto: Instagram

El hijo de Madonna se refirió a Medellín como el \”Centro de la cocaína\”.
Foto: Instagram

El hijo de Madonna, Rocco Ritchie, causó polémica en Instagram cuando publicó una fotografía de Medellín junto a un pie de foto que decía “Centro de la cocaína, Colombia”.

Los promotores de la ciudad rechazaron el hecho y afirmaron que esto genera una mala imagen para el país.

“Es indignante lo que está ocurriendo con esta fotografía del hijo de Madonna, que si opina eso, su madre debería hablar. Es una ofenda con la ciudad que le dio la hospitalidad”, afirmó a Noticias Caracol Luis Guillermo Sossa, promotor de Medellín.

En el mes de noviembre, Madonna realizó dos exitosos conciertos en esta ciudad, donde elogió al público asistente. Por esta razón, muchos esperan las disculpas de la “Reina del pop” por el comportamiento de su hijo de 12 años.

Fuente: Terra


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