“Our voice must be louder” by Kolumbien Report

Youth in Colombia

Valle del Cauca in KolumbienColombia is spoken about often and much. Is that also true for the interview with the Colombians?

What does the youth of Colombia, for example? What do they like to their land, which they criticize? What ideas do they have on the future of Colombia?

It has Willy Mathias and Marco Bollenbach Rodriguez spoke with 12 young people from Valle de Cauca.


About Colombia and the Colombian   

Dahianna (16) : “Many of our countrymen do not appreciate it, unfortunately, that we live in the richest natural paradise on earth. The biodiversity of the rainforest, wildlife, and especially the fact that we are the only country that is surrounded by two oceans. ”

Ingrid (17): “We are proud of our culture, almost 80 ethnic groups speaking their own languages. The range of artistic expression is overwhelming. In our youth, of course, the music is at a premium, Reggeton, salsa, merengue and bachata. ”

Carlos (20): “I want to highlight the food. Each region has its own culinary specialties and specialties. If you value good and healthy food is, in Colombia in good hands, – there is everything desirable palate and heart. ”

Chiva KolumbienDanny (24) : “The hallmark of the Colombian is its warmth. They are open and communicative. Although there is a lack of material seen many things, but most can always think of something to come forward. ” It is not luxury and consumption in the foreground, but the personal ideas of a happy life. ”

Laura (18) “Yes, the people here are inventive and clever, they know help is always, often out of necessity. Unfortunately, many lack of discipline and perseverance. It is difficult for them to deal intensively over a longer period of time with a theme. Punctuality is almost unheard of here. ”

Sandry (18) : “We criticize a lot and like to do, but very little when it comes to changing conditions unloved.”

Roland (17) : “Well, we are now living a very happy tribe of times, we prefer to celebrate rather than to stick our nose into complicated matters. Our thing is to make music, dancing, friends, chatting with each other and rumalbern “.

Ingrid (17) : “True, the communication between people is for us something like an elixir of life. You can also find people to talk at all corners. We always take time. ” Also makes us special.

Ana (23): “ This environment is doing to the children well. You’ve got a lot of social contacts, and much affection can develop freely. ”

Family in ColombiaIsamar: its close ties to family, neighbors and friends is a tradition. Of these, our housing situation is characterized. We live here, often with 10 or more persons in an apartment or a house. Social contacts are important, but sometimes you feel as a teenager narrowed quite a bit. There is a lack of privacy. Especially tricky is when you have a boyfriend.

Dialer: Sure, and a place of my own can hardly afford one. With an average monthly income of 540 000 pesos (around 280 €) it’s impossible, not to mention the many families where no one finds a steady job.

About the lack of freedom to travel, foreign cultures and the Internet

Ana : “What really bothers me is that many abroad have a bad opinion of us, even though they have come to know our country is not personal. Anyone who makes only his image of the negative headlines in the media, not just the people of our country. Such walking around with a gun or coke is everywhere in the world, there is a small minority, but gained more attention abroad than the vast majority of our population. ”

Wanderlust in ColombiaDanny: “Speaking of other countries: Other countries are always welcome in Colombia. People from Europe, North America and other parts of the world and we can easily visit without special papers. However, we Colombians can travel only when someone sends us from these countries a personal invitation, including insurance and other papers. Even if one is lucky, zusammenzukriegen all the papers, this is no guarantee that the embassy of the country we also issue the necessary visa. ”

Isamar : “This has to do with our bad reputation. We are all drawn with the same brush ”

Laura : “This will have to change. It can not be that people and countries closer together under the roof of globalization, while Colombians are traveling is made virtually impossible. ”

Ronald : Right, how do we get to know other cultures and traditions, if we can not go … “?

Ana: One time I want to make clear in all clarity: Travel to other cultures and traditions to know is fine, but I would leave my country under any circumstances, to live somewhere else. My roots are in Colombia and my identity, I do not give up.

Internet Cafe in GuacaríIngrid : with people of other cultures, we usually come only through social networks like Facebook and Twitter in touch.

Danny : If you’re traveling there, but you have to be careful as hell that you do not touch the wrong thing, I personally prefer the contact face to face.

Dahianna: On the Internet I do not want to have to do without. Most of my friends and acquaintances have no connection at their home, they need to see a public service. In the long run this is pretty annoying.

Dialer: Which brings us once again with the love of money would be.

About corruption, drug trafficking, education and work

Danny : “Colombia is going to change much, must only think of the word corruption.”

Sandry: Corruption is a growing tumor, it permeates all spheres of life and is not really to get a grip ”

Andres: you only have a chance, if you drill thick boards and not the pen you burn. ”

Ronald: “It then goes on to square the circle beyond”

Isamar : “The drug trade is much the same. Since everything is so heavily matted and knotted together, however, is hardly any cure. ”

Carlos: “All right, but we can set an example which, as you would otherwise make it better, especially.”

Miller : “You get out but only when social conditions change in the country, more work and better education, for example”

Peaceful student protests in ColombiaCarlos: “Education is a real problem for us. Look at the schools but only once, in some it is not even a single computer. ”

Miller (24): “There are always interested in studying less, because the opportunities to get behind a good job, are very thin.”

Andres, (23): “And then when it finally works with the work, they give you a two-month contract and a wage that is sufficient front and rear not enough to make ends meet.”

Sandry : Something like social security, there is little in Colombia. Just take the example of health care. Who here has no health insurance is totally in a fix.

Dialer : “Quite a few people there looking rather the way of easy money …..”.

Andres : “….. and ends up in jail even faster.”

Carlos : If only it were so, the fight against crime is not very effective.

Sandry: “We need to pack your own nose, – it is our Country, so we have to contribute to ours, to push things in the right direction. ”

Andres : “We must not be indifferent to foreign corporations that siphon off the wealth of our natural resources (oil, gold, silver, copper, emeralds), the money is needed here, and urgently.”

Danny : “The wealth of our country is great, but he is very unfairly distributed. We have to change something, if Colombia wants to move forward. ”

Anna: “Then we must move our ass, but, not only in rumba and dance.”

Laura: “We must do something, if not us, who else?. The students who protested publicly in Bogota, Medellin and Cali to the privatization of universities have set an important signal. Our voice is what made it only needs to be louder. ”

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  1. thanks a lot for sharing this article, it´s good to hear the true voice of Colombian people


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