President Uribe of Colombia on GPS – Fareed Zakaria


Interview with Fareed Zakaria – GPS

Between the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is little talk of another war the United States has been
involved in for decades – the war on drugs.
On the front lines of that war is the President of one of the most dangerous countries on the globe, Alvaro
Uribe of Columbia — and he’s fighting it with large infusions of American money and military support.
President Alvaro Uribe is the President of Columbia. For most of his two terms in office, he has enjoyed voter
approval between 60% and 80%, according to Gallup polls, largely due to his robust campaign against the
FARC rebels.
In September, Colombia’s lower house approved a bill which paves the way for President Alvaro Uribe to seek
a third consecutive term in office. While some critics decry this as the destruction of Colombia’s legal checks
and balances- he remains very popular in Columbia..
Uribe is less popular with Latin America’s growing number of left-leaning heads of state. Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales, and Rafael Correa all accuse Uribe of offending Latin pride and sovereignty by allowing the expansion of US bases.
There have been approximately 16 attempts to assassinate him, but under his presidency, the murder rate
and the incidence of kidnapping have fallen. His administration has been responsible for arresting and
extraditing more drug traffickers to the United States and to other countries than all other presidents to date.


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